Dear Society

Dear Society,

Hi, my name is Chelsea, or as you would more likely refer to me as a dumb blonde teenager who knows nothing. I know what you think, you don’t have to deny it, there is no point. I’m just another girl to you, who you think won’t do anything good with their life. You think that I’m going to be pregnant before my 18th birthday and be living of benefits. You think that I’m a drug/alcohol addict who wastes her money and does not work.  Dear society, you are completely wrong.

I am the girl who volunteers her own time to help Girlguiding UK, to help empower girls who are younger than me, to have self-confidence, to dream big, and to not let society form and mold them to their ideas of perfection.

I am the girl who does not do drugs or alcohol, I only drink water as my main source of liquid, and I have not ever taken illegal drugs in my life, and don’t intend to start that any time soon, hopefully never.

Society, I would like you to know that I have a lot of struggles at the moment, and when I see you trying to put me down, and rip me apart, it does work, I get torn down piece by piece. I know I should not say that, as its confessing that it works, but it is true.

You have made me think that being skinny is awful, because no man wants ‘Dog bones’, and being ‘thicker’ is way better as no one wants to hug a bag of bones.

Don’t you worry though, because even with your comments, you thoughts, your judgements, you do not own me, I own myself. You can label me to as much as your heart contents, but one by one, I will keep ripping them off, until I break through them.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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