Happily Ever After

Hello Everyone!

In fairytale, you will 99% find a princess, one who is trapped in a castle, and needs saving. Then comes along a prince, and he fights for this princess, and they go off into the sunset on a horse and live happily ever after.

Real life is not like that though. Sometimes, you just got to find and save yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. Finding that strength is hard though, you can’t always find it, and even when you do, the power has already taken over you. You want to get up and fight it again, but you get overwhelmed, you knock yourself back down, and start at the bottom and work your way up again.

That is the thing about fairytale though, when you were little you thought that you were a prince or princess, and you thought someone would come into your life and help take your hand and guide you through magical lands and have the most amazing adventures. Now all we want is someone to take our hand, and guide us through the dark times, and tell us everything will be okay, we just have to keep going.

Sometimes, I wish a prince would walk into my life, and take my hand.

~ Monsters Living In My Mind ~

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