Body Image

Hello Everyone!

Feeling good about my body is so hard, especially when the inside of you is crumbling away piece by piece.

What will be soon 4 years ago, I had an operation on my hand. Despite this being on my hand, it really affected me, as I was no longer normal from the outside, I felt like I did not fit in. Things felt like the just could not be the same, but slowly after time, things got better, the stitches healed, and the scar has healed, and my hand looks relatively normal!

A thing I get told a lot as well is that I should be grateful for being so skinny, and that I should take it as a compliment. So when someone says ‘You are so tiny, you look like you are 13’ I’m meant to be happy about that, am I? We stop people shaming people who are bigger, but not those who are thinner. ‘Real men like meat, not bones’ Thanks so much for telling me that, let me just go and eat all the food in the world! But I forgot, I can’t, because I feel sick when I eat, I force myself to eat daily, but don’t worry, I’ll go and put on some weight to keep you happy. It’s fine. Rant over.

What I am trying to say though, is that everyone is perfect, be that you thin or fat, tall or small, you are god damn perfect. You want to wear a crop top? Rock it! Someone says you don’t look pretty in an outfit? You like it, and you are wearing it, not them! Just be confident in you, you are great.

~ Monsters Living In My Mind ~

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