July 8th, 2017.. you went missing. October 20th, 2017.. the search has been ceased.

Its weird Finn, you see I did not know you that well. We went to the same school, we live in the connecting towns and I can almost guarantee that you never even knew my name. I was just a stranger to you, and you were a stranger to me. That day though, the day you went missing.. you were the most popular name in the whole of Cornwall.

Shop windows, lampposts, bulletin boards, car windows.. They were all displaying your missing poster. Pleas going out on Facebook, the #FindFinn tag went around for weeks, but we could not find you. From not knowing you all that well, suddenly I knew something. You went missing and we need to find you.

Today the report got published, that although a body has not been found, that the search is over. We no longer are searching for you. Although there has been no stone cold hard evidence, with all the evidence that has been found, we have concluded what has happened to you, Finn.

You went to meet some mates at the pub. Your mum drives you there, as you left the house you hugged your dad tighter than what you did before and when you got out the car you leaned over and kissed your mum. You went into the pub, but the CCTV shows us that it was just you in there, no mates or nothing. You drank for a bit, went to the toilet and left. You climbed to the top of the cliffs and left your rucksack there. It hurts for me to say this but.. you jumped. In the rucksack were a few things, but the main item; a note left to your parents. A suicide note. The last thing you left for us.

So Finn, here we are. 4 months down the line, and although we kept hoping for your return, we now just hope that you are in a better place.

Finnian Layland-Stratfield ~ As your Father said ‘As a son, he was the best I could have wished for. He was gentlemanly, kind, supportive, and very protective over his family’

Personality Test

You know you can get the tests on Facebook that tell you about your personality? I clicked on the link, it analyzed my profile and here is the result –

If anyone could make broken look beautiful, then it’s her. Her strength is what keeps her going. She has a hurricane of chaos around her, but she is so damn passionate that she handles it. She loves life with all her heart and it loves her right back. She knows what she likes and how to live her life. Surrounding herself with great friends and wonderful family is what she loves doing. There is no time for liars, troublemakers and general negativity in her life. She does things her way!

For the first time ever, Facebook got some of this right. My strength is what keeps me going, I do have a hurricane of chaos around me but am passionate about what I do to handle it. I love surrounding myself with friends and family, and I don’t have time for liars or anything of that sort.

I don’t make broken look beautiful though. That line kinda shook something inside of me, because broken is not beautiful. Its ugly and horrible, and being broken is not something that is all nice. As a society, we have made the stereotype that being unreliable and broken is cute. It’s not.

I don’t love life, it’s hard right now. My life is falling apart all around me, but somehow I’m still breathing. I’m coping with life, and maybe one day I will love it, but not yet. I’m still finding my way around this place.


Pill Shaming

We need to stop shaming people who take tablets to help there Mental Health. You wouldn’t mock someone for taking a tablet because of their physical health, would you? If someone has asthma, you wouldn’t say that they don’t need an inhaler, so why would we mock someone for taking anti-depressants to help them get better?

I have and still am being pill shamed every day of my life. My brother ridicules me for taking medication to help me feel better. He constantly tells me that man-made drugs are shit and they get you hooked on them to pay more and more to the government. My brother hates me for taking pills because he cant see nothing wrong with me so he thinks it nothing. We constantly get in conflicts over this as he wants me to come off them. Why should I come off something that is helping me get better?

I don’t like taking tablets. Why would I like pumping drugs and chemicals in my system that change chemicals and functioning of my brain? It’s not a fun experience to go through. That’s something a Doctor won’t tell you either, how dependent you can become on your tablets and how much of a lifeline they can be with you. If I forget to take mine one morning, I can feel the effects. My body is freaking out, craving them again. That’s bad, I know that’s bad. For now, though, its what I will go through to get myself steady and stable.

Understand me please, understand why I take what I do.




I was running late as it was, my bus had just arrived at the station as my train was pulling in. So I ran off the bus and right on the train with no more than 5 seconds to spare before the whistle blew and the train started to pull off. Wheezing heavily and already in a panicky mood the ticket man was coming down the train… this is when things got bad.

I had already paid for my tickets and just had to collect them. Had the confirmation and everything, but due to the bus running late I couldn’t collect the tickets in the space of 5 seconds. I explained this to the guy, showed him my confirmation and he then asked for some ID. Thinking nothing of it, I handed my Drivers Provisoonal to him and he started jotting some things down. I thought why was he writing down my details, but then drew my attention back to my breathing to help regulate it.

He handed back my ID, looked at me in my eyes and bluntly said ‘You have a penalty fare for not having a ticket’ I’m now instantly shocked thinking ‘What the fuck have I done?’ **I want to express that I have never been given a penalty or fine, I am normally really prepared for situations, but this had been a bad day so everything kind of blurred together.** I can now feel my heart to begin racing, and I once again explained the situation basically pleading with him as I really did not need this today. Again bluntly, he turned toward me saying ‘Your excuses are invalid to me, you have 21 days to pay the fine or further action will be required. I need to know where you are travelling to and you will need to pay for a new ticket.’ So now we have discovered that Chelsea has landed herself in a lot of shit, and is panicking and freaking the fuck out, which he can clearly see.

I paid for a new ticket, and just sat there rapidly breathing repeating the words ‘I can’t breathe’ while he was finishing off the details. Now I know he probably sees a lot of people faking this, but even the lady in front turned to him and said ‘Have mercy on her, she clearly is having a bad experience’ to which he turned around to walk away and said ‘No mercy is taken on people who abuse the system.’ So as he walks away, I get out my seat and head to the train window to try and get some air. So not only have I paid my original ticket, I have now paid for a new one and got a fine.

I sit on the floor by the window, and all I can remember was thinking that I can’t stop this attack, I’m going to have to let it win. I did just that. I sat there on the ground barely breathing, tears streaming down my face, my whole body shaking. This guy passed me numerous times while walking up and down the carriages, but never once decided to just to try and calm me down. By now I did not care about the penalty, I just needed help.

As the train arrived at the station, and everyone began to get off I saw women struggling to get her baby into the pushchair. Without even a flinch, I got up and helped her as no one else was going to. And that’s the difference between myself and this man, he saw her struggling and walked past her. He saw me struggling and walked past me. I saw her struggling and put aside everything and helped. She turned to me and said ‘I saw you having a panic attack, and yet you still come to other peoples rescue. What a lovely girl you are’

There is no real big lesson to this story, nor a moral of the story. Just makes you think how some people in this world behave. If any staff from Great Western Rail are reading this, I know it’s your policy and you have to abide by that, but being kind takes nothing.


Day 0

Well, here we are. Back to the beginning. Day 0. Zero days of being Self-Harm clean. After 145 days of being strong and not leaving marks upon my body. But I don’t want your sympathy. Far from it. I wanted to tell you why people like me do this. Why we cut open your skin.

You say it because we are attention seeking, that we are messed up in the brain, that we got nothing better to do with our time. This is my way of coping when my shit goes down, it goes down like a tonne of bricks. These bricks suffocate me, make me feel like I won’t live. They take away my control, and every bit of pride & dignity I have left. We can’t control everything in life, but when you get the things that you can control taken away from you, it makes holes. It makes me feel empty like I’m not worth living anymore. But by cutting, I know I’m in control of what I’m doing, and it helps my numbness and loneliness go away again.

And you’re right, I am attention seeking. I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but I self-harm because I want to get attention. I cant say to you I need help or that I’m suffering, so maybe you see my scars or my cuts will help you recognise that I need something. What I don’t need is people who say I do it just for fun, and that I love getting the attention and getting people to do everything for me.

Please understand me and my reasons for doing this. Cutting is not a trend its an addiction. It’s like screaming for help but no one can hear. It’s an everyday battle.


What Is Depression?

It’s a cold winter night, the rain is pattering against the window. Draw yourself a bath, a warm cosy bath. This bath has your favourite scents all mixed into one, maybe with a few bubbles. Turn off the lights to let the candles glow brighter, take off your clothes and get into the warmth. Feel all your worries just soak away, anything bad of what happened today, just let them all go.

Suddenly, The water is gone. The candles are out. The cold surrounds you. You are still sitting in that bathtub though. You are frozen there, you cant move. All them scents have been replaced by a musky smell, and the room feels tiny. You are alone, you scream as loud as you can but with no help in return.

The weird thing though… the 1st description is what is actually happening, the 2nd description is what is going on in your head.


14 Reasons Why Not

So you are about to read a blog post I wrote for a website called Mind Your Way. I work closely with the organisation who run this website, I will link the website at the bottom.

Some of you may have spent the summer bingeing on the Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’. This is a series which tells the story of Hannah Baker, a teenager attending high school who takes her own life. The story is told through a series of 13 tapes she left behind for people she blames for driving her to this act.I have experienced my own difficulties with my mental health and for me, watching the show brought up lots of difficult feelings and memories, and I’m sure I am not the only one … It also made me angry as it shows a very graphic, unbalanced and unrealistic view of suicide and depression, which risks increasing the stigma and stereotypes around young people’s mental health, so I felt I needed to speak out.Here are my 14 reasons why not to watch this series! Or at least if you do, then to see it for the fictional drama it is, rather than an accurate portrayal of suicide and depression …

  1. Firstly, the show has an 18 rating in the UK (for good reason!) … but is totally pitched at younger teenagers … say 12 – 15 years, it’s a high school drama … and from my experience, it seems that it is the younger age group who are hooked on it, young people shouldn’t be watching this show without an adult to discuss the issues it brings up …
  2. It doesn’t show a realistic or sensitive picture of what it is like to feel suicidal or depressed, it glamorises mental health problems and it reduces the complexity of suicide to a series of unfortunate events.
  3. People who feel suicidal or end their lives are not doing this because they want to get revenge on others, they do it because of their mental state because they feel hopeless and can’t see a wait out of how they are feeling or believe the pain will never end. Hannah’s mental health is not really explored at all, it’s all about the events that happen to her … and there is no discussion or information about depression and mental health.
  4. The show focuses on a narrow narrative that implies that bullying caused her suicide, but suicide is not a blame game. Bullying does sometimes lead to mental health problems but suicide and depression are complex and there is rarely one cause. Sometimes there aren’t any obvious reasons why people become unwell … and no one thing leads to suicide.
  5. If people believe that suicide is about drama and revenge it might make them have less empathy and understanding of those who struggle with these feelings.
  6. Hannah blames others for driving her to take her life when really she made the decision to go through with this act and chose not to tell people or engage with professional help. This might be hard to read, but lots of people feel like this … and it could make some people feel they are responsible for the deaths of people they know or love.
  7. The message that using suicide as a revenge strategy will achieve the outcome you wanted and make people feel remorseful is dangerous and wrong …
  8. The show could have focused on Hannah trying to get the help she needed instead, she doesn’t talk to her parents … and there are no adults who are shown as caring or helpful … if someone is watching this and feeling suicidal this might make them believe there is no help or hope.
  9. A story of a hope, with a more positive outcome, could have contributed a powerful and important message to young people, helping to show those struggling with their mental health that there is help out there and some light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. The show had very few warnings and a lot of unexpected and triggering scenes including graphic images of violence, sexual abuse, rape and self-harm.
  11. Even after watching the whole series I was not prepared for and did not expect the detailed and very upsetting scene in the final episode … We all know what happened by then and the scene seemed really unnecessary.
  12. If you are feeling vulnerable these scenes could be very triggering and might reinforce or validate ideas about harming yourself or ending your life, some mental health professionals are even worried the show might inspire ‘copycat’ actions.
  13. In the UK, there are strict guidelines around how suicide is depicted on screen, but Netflix is not subject to these regulations as they are a US company. The Samaritans have criticised the show saying “It is extremely concerning that a drama series, aimed at a young audience, can be produced outside of the UK and made available to UK audiences and yet not subject to UK media regulation.”
  14. Depression is a horrible illness and should be taken seriously, we need to move away from the stereotypes that trivialise or dramatise mental health problems and bring positive attention that raises awareness and understanding so that people feel able to ask for the help they need. 13 Reasons Why definitely doesn’t do this …

If you are feeling vulnerable or experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm I urge you not to watch this show … instead please talk to someone you trust or ask for help – believe me, there is help out there and things do get better, I am proof of that … 



They will ignore you until they need you

So recently I have been giving support and help to a friend of mine. This friend of mine suffered from Anxiety, Depression & Eating Disorder. She self-harms and is constantly fluctuating in and out of suicide. So me being me, I said I would support her the best way I could.

Most nights she would come to me in pieces, saying that she couldn’t cope. I gave and gave to her, every bit of help I could give to her I would. Then one night, she self-harmed while talking to me. This hurt me and it’s probably not for the reason you think.

It was not because I have helped her and why would she do this to me, it’s because she never thought about me in this situation. For those of you who are new, I suffer from Mental Health myself and have bad coping mechanisms, and for her to do this, it triggered me. I was 2 months clean, hello day 0 again. I simply said to her she needed to ring CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) and disclose this information to them, or ring 111 to get help and/or information. For the next few

For the next few hours, I kept talking to her, making sure she was okay and ensuring that she safe. A few days went by, and I found myself in a dilemma. I needed her help. I was having a panic attack and asked for some help, and the first thing she was done- she changed everything back to her. There was no Are you okay? What can I do to help you? Nothing. She said My days been bad too, I have tried to overdose today. That is what hurt. How I always dropped everything for her, but this one time I needed someone she couldn’t face the fact it wasn’t her suffering.

Maybe it’s selfish of me to say that she was hurting that day and that she needed support. She made me feel like she could be the only one who has problems though, and that’s when everything just fell into place for me… she only talks to me when she needs me.



I’m laying on the bathroom floor, emotionless, and losing all sense of my way.

How did you get like this Chelsea? Well, this is a good question and one that I’m not entirely sure I even know the answer to just yet. But for some reason this bathroom floor is comforting me, it’s making me feel safe and protected. Before writing this, for 10 minutes I just laid there crying for no reason, but yet, I didn’t feel stupid nor weak. I felt okay afterward.

Normally when I cry, I get mad at myself for losing my shit and tend to relapse into self-harm. For the first time, I didn’t though. I just laid there afterward thinking and feeling more relieved, like that cry actually helped me.

I will be back blogging properly soon, but shit has been going down in my life and I can’t really pick it up at the moment. Bare with me x


I hate change. It’s something that I cant deal with too well, and that’s why I haven’t been active recently. My summer has been full of change, some for the good, others for the bad but I’m just going to focus on the positive.

I was able to step on a bus multiple times a day without having any fear, and with little discomfort being around other people. Something that might be simple for someone else but is incredibly difficult for me. I rehearse the lines of where I am going in my head to speak to the driver over and over and think of every question they could ask me to have the correct answer. Finding the correct seat on the bus as I don’t particularly want to speak or sit next to anyone else due to my personal space issue. Just the simple things.

I quit smoking finally! I have now been vaping and it has made such a good change for me in my life. I have to thank my youth worker for pressuring me into this, as if not for her I would not be doing what I am now, giving up something that destroys me.

I walked into my new college and spoke to various staff members without having one panic attack, nor an overwhelming feeling of Anxiety. This is my biggest change of all of them, as I don’t like being thrown in the deep end. I honestly feel like I’m happy over this, that I have found my little happy place, and that makes me so good and happy.

Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place we are meant to be.

~ MonstersLivingInMyMind~